Every girl intricately weaves the dream of her marriage right from her childhood – walking down the aisle, wearing the perfectly flared white gown to marry the man she has waited for, for a long time. And to make this day a special affair, there are a lot of rigmaroles to be taken care of. While everything else falls secondary, the primary thing is to make sure you look picture perfect with the right amount of makeup. Because the memories of this day will stay with you forever in the form of photographs and you surely do not want to ruin it with the wrong kind of look.


With the help of experts, we have compiled a list of makeup tips that will prove essential to you while selecting your D-day look. It is always better to use professional services of the bridal hair and makeup salons, but even then these tips will provide helpful insights on what to do and what not to.



  • Try your wedding makeup before your wedding: You might have a vision of how you want to look like on your D-day. But, when you apply the makeup, it may not exactly look like you imagined. Hence, it is better to adopt the trial and error method before few weeks of your wedding to make sure you avoid last minute panic.


  • Stick to a strict skin-care schedule: In order to have a perfect bridal look, you must ensure that your skin remains energetic and fresh. No amount of makeup can bring that perfect glow if your skin is dull and exhausted. It is not unknown how the skin loses its sheen in hustle and bustle of daily life. Therefore, make sure you keep your body hydrated, consume a lot of vitamins and fruits and avoid eating starchy and sugary food before few weeks of the wedding.


  • Go for minimalism: Don’t allow the makeup artist to hijack your natural beauty. Keep the makeup minimal in a way that it elevates the glow of your face rather than covering it all with makeup ingredients. Minimalism is the new trend. For instance, if you are going for a heavy eye makeup, then colour your lips with a light shade, probably something from a nude family and vice versa.


  • Use the wonder called Setting Spray: There is a spray to keep your hairstyle stiff throughout the day, preventing even a single strand to move from its place. But what about your makeup? What to do to ensure that makeup remains immaculate throughout the day? Use the magical beauty tagged as setting spray for face, which is similar to hairspray. It keeps your makeup intact as long as you want.



  • Don’t choose ephemeral trend over classic: You might select something that is in vogue at present. But what happens when you see your wedding pictures years later? They are to stay with you forever. It is better to avoid those glittery eyeliners and outrageous shades of lipsticks just because you saw them in a fashion show on some model. Because twenty years down the road they might not give the same snazzy look. So, choosing the classic is what you should do.


  • Say a big ‘No’ to facial before your wedding: Most of you must be wondering, why is it a resounding no for facial that ultimately helps in rejuvenating your skin? Well, facial helps in opening all the pores and allows the skin to breathe fresh and beam. But with the open pores being enshrouded by layer upon layer of makeup, chances are your makeup would soon vanish before the ceremony even begins. So, it is better to avoid the facial and follow healthy skin routine for a good makeup base.


  • Do not get your makeup trial in an over-bright setting: When you go for a makeup trial in any bridal salon, choose the area with decent lights. The common mistake that people often do is, inspect the makeup in the bright light. The setting misleads your judgment and exaggerates the appearance on your skin because of the heavy lights. Take the trial in the white light which will help you in making the precise decision.


  • Avoid rushing your makeup: Last but not the least – Give your makeup artist enough time to ensure the makeup is done in patience without any disturbance. It will take at least 45 minutes to 1 hour, but it will be totally worth it. You do not want to ruin your wedding look at any cost.


So, visit the hair and makeup salons and make sure you remember all the tips while picking up an ideal one for your wedding. After all, wedding is one-in-a-lifetime-kind of thing and you cannot afford to compromise on it.


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