Ethnic Wear

The most commonly preferred attire by Indian men is shirt and pant and few prefer to wear kurta pyjama on certain occasions. However, these days youngsters love changing their wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends. Fashion is a blend of eastern and western trend. You can mix both cultures and come out with an attractive and elegant results.

When we hear the word fashion all we imagine are girls in colourful attire draped around their slim figure with trendy accessories. With time, fashion is also about changing trends in men’s clothes. Although not much could be done about shirt and pant, kurta and pyjama, but they can be classified as formals and casuals.

Initial days, the main purpose of wearing a kurta was to attend a festival or puja. Nobody ever thought of wearing it to offices or casual gatherings. However, now when you enter a store you will find endless kurta for men that are trendy and casual. They can be worn at any place apart from weddings and festivals.

Here are few Indian outfits for men that can clear your doubts –

  • Kurtas
  • Jackets and Shawls
  • Footwear
  • Chooridars and Salwars
  • Ethnic wear


There are two types of kurtas, long and short. They both are worn on different occasions. Short kurtas are more casual and can be paired with jeans to give it a casual look. However, long kurtas are more like formals for traditional events. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear long kurtas on casual days. Of course, if you pair them with tight chooridars or jeans. They are comfortable, generally of cotton material, which can be worn in any season and are available in various colours.

Jackets and Shawls

They both are different from each other and are bought in terms of comfort and choice. Nehru jackets are common and each man has at least one Nehru jacket in his wardrobe. They look smart with short kurta or a shirt. If you feel you can also wear it with long kurtas like Jawaharlal Nehru. On the contrary, a shawl goes particularly well with long kurtas. They go well with dhoti or Kashmiri outfit. It is completely your choice to wear a shawl because not many are able to carry it.


Footwear like, jooti, leather sandals and Kolhapuri chappals are worn only with traditional outfits. Some wear casual shirt with cotton trouser, a contrast colour Nehru jacket and trendy leather sandals to give it a different look.  However, remember the thumb rule, avoid wearing jooti with a dhoti.

Chooridars and Salwars

For thin people, wearing a chooridar which is fluffy from top is the best combination with a hip length kurta. The crease formed near your knees is the main attraction. Salwars are meant for women that are loose at the top, but tapers down. However, North Indian men wear it with their sherwani for weddings.

Ethnic for work

If you don’t have a dress code, then you can definitely wear an ethnic outfit to office. Sometimes, on special occasions, even companies declare it to be an ethnic day. On such days, you can give your best shot. A short kurta with denim or a long kurta with Nehru jacket and pants would go well on such formal days.

There are many ways of designing your own style. All you have to do is think smart and play with colours.

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