Shopping her wedding dress is by far the most exciting part of wedding planning, but before you go for shopping, there are still some rules to keep the experience memorable. Take notes recommended by

On your marks, ready, search!

First step before setting foot in a bridal shop: do your research! The selection of dresses available in a shop can be daunting. Identifying your style in advance will help you develop a clear idea of ​​what you love. Introducing Grace Loves Lace, an Australian Bridal Brand with a huge selection of gowns designed for the Modern bride.

Browse magazines, walk around bridal salons, visit websites, and more. Pinterest is your new best friend! Pin your inspirations without restraint. This will significantly reduce the number of stores you will visit and the time you spend there.

Respect your budget!

You probably already have an idea of ​​the budget you want (or can) allocate to your wedding dress. Otherwise, do it! Whether you’re ready to spend $ 500 or $ 5000 for the dress of your dreams, stick to the budget you’ve set. Prohibition of trying overpriced dresses! You will only be disappointed. Who wants to be reasonable after trying a Vera Wang dress? Do not forget to plan for extras that are often added to the price of the dress: retouching, delivery, pressing, etc.

Do not shop too much in advance!

Starting 12 months before the wedding date, you can start shopping. Not before. We know you’re looking forward to it, but that’s no reason to go into the shop as soon as you say yes. You might fall in love with a dress that does not fit perfectly with the preparations you will make afterwards. The dress must respect the theme of the day J, to match with the decoration, your bridesmaids … in short, too many details to consider to buy without thinking. Do not take the chance to go wrong!

Do not shop at the last minute!

Conversely, avoid procrastinating. A wedding dress takes on average 5 to 8 months to make, and urgent orders imply, you guessed it, additional costs. Shopping at the last minute will force you to compromise that you would not have done normally. For example, if the dress that makes you dream requires editing, you may run out of time and have to choose another.

Three people, no more!

Obviously, the most important dress of your life must be the essence of perfection. By cons, 10 people who give their opinion at the same time will make the task more difficult than anything else, in addition to making you forget what you really want. The magic number is 2. Mom, sister or your best friend are your best allies. They know you better than anyone and will not influence you with their personal tastes. Others, book them the surprise.

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