Shoe and Footwear Trends for 2013

Every year, critics and observers alike are always in the lookout for footwear trends that might stick to people’s minds for the entire year. The quest for the most fashion-forward footwear is difficult, though. To find the perfect pair, you need to sift through many shoe boxes. If you are unlucky, you may even go through rack after rack and still not find that pair.Things are different every start of the year though. While designers have already showcased their predictions, it is only after the year has officially started that you’d know if their fashion predictions came true. After all, it is always the buying public that decides which predictions are in and which ones are out.While details are still closely under wraps and the trend is still unclear, here are just some of the things to lookout out for in footwear designs.IridescenceShiny and reflective materials will dominate this year’s shoe trends. Expect to see shiny, sparkly footwear this year. Materials from snake skin to faux leather will sport designs that glitter and glimmer. It will be interesting to see how shoes designers will incorporate this design on ladies boots, a popular footwear type making its comeback. This is a great sign for things to come this year.Intricate EmbroideryEmbroidery is an ancient, intricate art. It’s been on shirts, caps, jackets, so why not shoes. Embroidered shoes will be making bold fashion statements this year. They will add a feminine touch and inject some attitude on any pair.Orange and Coral TonesIt’s hard to match outfits with the boldness of orange and coral tones but shoe designers are going to do so. Collectively referred to as nectarine, expect a burst of citrus-coloured footwear. It is much more skin-tone friendly so people will not have any problem wearing them.Mix MaterialsCreativity is on the rise and shoe designers are using their imagination. This year promises bold concepts of mixing two-three materials in one engaging, interesting package. Expect to see rick-racks on leather, faux fur on snake skin and other unique designs. Mixing and matching different colour combinations will also highlight this year’s shoe trends. Footwear trends will bring style to a whole new level.Lace won’t make WasteAnother interesting new trend to look forward to is the clever use of lace as the main material for this year’s footwear. The sheer appeal of the material and its inherent elegance will be its major drawing power. If you want something that is both chic and feminine, then you will not be disappointed.With all these design predictions, it is not difficult to feel ecstatic. If you are willing to scour the market for a perfect pair of ladies boots, strappy sandals, or casual shoes, then this year will be rewarding. Embrace your fashion sense and feed your tendencies with great picks from today’s leading footwear designers.

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