Ill Fitting Shoes and Feet

A correctly fitted shoe can help prevent many foot problems. When shopping for footwear there are many factors you have to consider.Before purchasing new footwear, be sure to have your foot size checked. The best time for this is at the end of the day as this is when your feet are at their largest. If purchasing footwear during the day allow for the expansion of your feet. Always ensure your new footwear fits the largest of your two feet.Prior to purchasing, do ensure you walk around the store to check the fitting feels correct. Try and select shoes that are similar to your feet. High heels and narrow shoes can harm your feet while lower heels are far more comfortable and less likely to damage your feet. Do not purchase shoes you have not tried on as sizes may differ from one manufacturer to the next.Ensure the widest part of your foot fits in the widest part of your shoe. While walking around the store, ensure the heel of your foot does not slip out of the shoe and never purchase tight fitting shoes in the assumption that they will stretch over time. The top of the shoe should be made from a softer more bendable material allowing it to form to the figure of your foot. Ensure that the sole of the shoe is thick and made from a non slip material as this will provide extra comfort for your feet.Here are a few useful tips to help keep your feet in good condition. Walking, stretching or a tender foot massage or using a foot spa all help. Putting your feet up while sitting down can help circulation. Ensure your feet are dry before putting shoes on and avoid sitting with crossed legs for long periods as this can reduce circulation.Prevent common foot complaintsThere are many treatments for athlete’s foot on the market. However treatment is only permanently successful if the socks, shoes and the area affected are treated as well. The combination of Imperial Athletes Foot Solution and Anti-fungal Spray can be very successful when treating athlete’s foot.Anti-fungal powders can be used in socks and shoes. Diabetic patients should not try and treat this condition themselves. They should seek immediate professional advice. Wearing cotton socks will help to absorb moisture. Dry the feet thoroughly after bathing especially in between the toes. Treat excessively sweaty feet and change socks daily.You may suffer from corns and calluses. These are caused by pressure from your feet rubbing against your shoes. This can be avoided by wearing shoes which fit correctly. Using special pads and over the counter medicines can provide relief.Ingrown toenails are a condition which may be aggravated by wearing tight shoes or shoes with an inadequate depth. In acute conditions the toe will be very painful to touch and there may be some form of infection present. In a chronic condition the toe will only be painful when the patient is walking with shoes on. Cut toenails straight across and leave them slightly longer to prevent an ingrown toenail and avoid wearing tight shoes.Take care of your feet as they take care of you. If you have any complaints with your feet make sure you seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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