Comparison Between Spikeless Golf Shoes and Spiked Golf Shoes - Which is Better?

The debate between which is better while comparing spikeless golf shoes and spiked golf shoes has been raging on for some time now, but based on the facts on ground and also on recent innovations, it will be safe to say that the spiked golf footwear is better that the spikeless footwear.The major drawback or disadvantage that the spiked ones have had all along is the fact that back then spikes were made of metals. These metals were very effective in maintaining a golfer’s traction while he swings his club but on the other hand it destroys the uniform distribution of grasses on the golf course. In addition to that, it can cause a serious injury if the wearer of a metal spiked shoe mistakenly steps on someone. This drawback made the management of many golf courses to ban the uses of metal spiked shoes in their golf courses.On the other hand, while the spikeless shoes do not have the same disadvantage with the spiked ones, they do in fact have their own peculiar disadvantage. While a spikeless shoe may be effective when used in a dry course, it becomes utterly useless and a golfer’s nightmare in a wet course. We all know the importance of maintaining your composure and traction while swinging your club and aiming for the perfect hit, this composure and traction is undermined when you use a spike-less shoe in a wet course. Therefore if you opt for spike-less golf footwear, then you should only play in a dry course so as to avoid the embarrassment that a spike-less shoe would cause you if you play in a course that is wet.However, with the invention of the soft plastic spikes which are often times replaceable, the spiked shoes are now by far better than its competitor. You can use them in both wet and dry courses, they still provide the same traction and composure that the metal spiked one provide and most importantly they are very friendly to the greens. They do not till the greens as compared with the previous types made of metal. I would advice that you purchase golf shoes that are made of plastic spikes, not only will you be able to use it all year round on a wet or dry course but it would also help you improve your all round golf game. Cheers!

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