The history of birthstones can actually be traced back to ancient times. These precious stones are often gifted in accordance to birth month. Yes. Each stone actually coincides with a month and if you are willing to present a birthstone to your loved one – to make sure that you are actually picking up the stone which corresponds to her birth month. For instance, if your friend is a November-born, then to ensure that you’re picking up a Topaz for her. Birthstones are actually precious gemstones. If you want to Buy Gemstones Online, then do make sure that you are educating yourself about the same. Birthstones are precious gemstones and it’s the birthstones that remain our focus today.

Birthstones: Fundamentals Explored

Alternately known as birthday stones, the birthstones are categorized as mystical, traditional, Ayurvedic, modern and zodiac birthstones. The traditional birthstones actually have a significant place among the English speaking communities. These birthstones are actually based on a Georgian calendar.

Different Types of Birthstones Explored

The ayurvedic birthstone list has its roots in ancient times. Then there are these mystical birthstones that have been around for thousands of years and had originated in Tibet.

You can buy the birthstones according to zodiac signs – as has been stated above. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect while checking out the portfolio:

  • Natural birthstone for Neptune
  • Natural Birthstone for Moon
  • Natural semi-precious birthstone for Leo
  • Natural birthstone for Mars
  • Natural birthstone Mercury
  • Synthetic Yellow Topaz Birthstone for Jupiter
  • Natural Birthstone for Venus
  • Natural Birthstone for Saturn
  • Natural Birthstone for Pluto
  • Natural Birthstone for Uranus

Buying these Stones Online

Make sure that you are procuring these stones from a reputed store. There is no dearth of stores from which you can Buy tumble stones online, or for that matter other precious gemstones. However, do know for a fact that not all of them are equally qualified to serve your purpose. Now, gemstones are often procured for healing. However, if you are not taking the trouble to check the credentials of the store before buying them, then you might as well unwittingly end up procuring fake stones. Yes. You have to acknowledge the fact that there are fraudsters masquerading as genuine stores – trying to pass off fake stones as genuine ones.

So, it is important on your end to pose your faith only in stores that have actually ended up garnering the flawless reputation for offering genuine gemstones for a number of years. In-depth research will help you substantially in this regard. Here are a few important steps that you can take towards that end:

  • Find out about the experience that the store has (needless to say, more experienced stores inspire confidence)
  • What are the reviews telling you about the track record of the company?
  • Have the clients hailed their products?
  • Or, have they decried their products?
  • Have you sought personal recommendations from trusted sources?

Do procure answers to these questions before buying precious birthstones.