In this fashion world, people are more interested to have piercing when it said piercing many people do not aware what does term piercing mean?  It is nothing but an insertion of small needle in the human body and removes small tissues from the body in order to wear jewelry. Most of the time piercing is one in ears, nose and in belly on further people does piercing in their desired body area. Although piercing is one of the fashion trendy action, in real inserting needle to the human body is not a simple one. Often people do piercing without knowing its cause were piercing also result with some severe effects when it is continuously done on same spot. Based on the human body conditions the effect may get differed some time piercing may get infected where some time piercing may be swelled and start to bleed likewise piercing may have several results.

How to heal piercing wounds?

Whenever people undergo piercing process each time people are left out with severe pain which restricts people to change jewelry. Although people have several options to have piercing jewelry it is necessary to wait until the piercing ample get healed completely. The piercing healing time get differed normally when it is first time a person undergone piercing then it start healing process immediately after piercing is done were complete healing would take 6 months to max 1 year. To make clear enough here are different stages of healing process are listed below.

  • First stage: in the first healing process is to stop the bleeding when the piercing is done and the jewelry is inserted then it is necessary to hold pressure on piercing using cotton swabs. This need to be done within 20 to 30 seconds after piercing is done. This helps the blood vessels to get barrier and stops bleeding around the pierced area.
  • Second stage: this stage is defensive stage where bacteria and debris in piercing wound are removed by neutrophils white blood cell. Once they are removed from wound it helps the tissues to grow again. In this stage you can able to see healing signs in piercing area such as redness, swelling or the wound may be with whitish color.
  • Third stage: in this stage tissues start forming and contracts pull all edges towards the center. This is the main reason for advising people not to change their piercing jewelry in early. In this stage first the edges are healed then slowly the center of the wound gets healed. In this healing phase it is dangerous to take out the piercing jewelry.
  • Final stage: in this stage the tissues gets entirely reclosed and there won’t be any spot of piercing wound. Thus all tissues gets matured enough in this stage the wound gets completely healed.

Thus all these four stages of piercing healing time may take maximum 6 months to a year time to complete entire healing process. So it is necessary to wait till the piercing wound is completely healed for changing new piercing jewelry.

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