Every woman can have an hourglass waist, no matter what her body shape and size are. For those who want to control the belly fat and create an hourglass figure, choose plus-size waist trainers that are great for waist slimming and training. Women who are curvy can get more dramatic results with the right waist trainer because they already have the curvaceous bodies and a waist trainer will enhance the shape even more.

A waist trainer for plus size women is a great tummy control shapewear that offers an effective way to get those curves in control instantly. When shopping for plus size waist trainer, there are a few things and options to consider. Below is a guide that will help you to find the best waist trainer for plus size women.

Choose The Right Size – It is important to choose the right size when shopping for plus size waist trainers because this will ensure that the garment is both comfortable and flattering to wear all day. You need to first measure your waist with a measuring tape. Take the measurements from the narrowest part of your waist and make sure that you can get a finger underneath so that it is not too tight. Do pay attention to the sizing chart to get the right fit.

Materials – Besides choosing the size, picking the materials type is another important thing to do as it determines the comfort and effectiveness. Waist trainers are usually made with latex or neoprene material, and some products feature steel boning. There are waist trainers for wearing underneath your clothes on a daily basis and there are those that are better for exercising.

Function – What do you plan to use the waist trainers for? To supplement your workout or for every day wear? Besides cinching the waist, this garment can compress the tummy and also lift the bust. When you know your goal from wearing the plus size waist trainer, you can make a better decision when it comes to shopping for one.

Comfort – A waist trainer that has flexible steel bones will offer a more comfortable fit. Remember not to tighten the waist trainer too much as it may be uncomfortable and cause breathing difficulty.

The Best Plus Size Waist Trainers

If you are ready to shop for the best plus size waist trainers, do check out some of the stunning collection of plus size waist trainers from Shapellx below. This online retailer has a wide range of premium plus size waist trainers, the best body shaper, control panty, shorts, butt-lifters, and more that will help you flaunt your natural curves.

Plus Size Waist Trainer With Detachable Belt

This plus size waist trainer will give your tummy a total taming all day. Featuring a detachable belt that provides additional level of compression, it is made with heat-trapping material that stimulates perspiration and offer support to the torso. This waist trainer has 6 pieces of hook and loop fasteners that can be easily adjusted according to your needs. The 9 rubber bones can prevent rolling down and also to strengthen waist shaping effect.

Plus Size Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest 

Boost your workout or waist training with this sport waist trainer vest. It is one of the best plus size waist trainer styles that provide compression to the waist and tummy. This powerful vest-style waist trainer will ensure that you workout very comfortably while getting good support to your body. It has a front zipper and triple Velcro belt for extra compression especially to the lower abdominal area that is hard to reach. This waist trainer vest can also keep you warm when you exercise outdoors in cold temperatures. It is easy to wear and take off. The 9 steel bones can increase the shaping effect. This waist trainer also comes with wide shoulder straps for a comfortable wear.

Plus Size Abdominal Binder Tummy Latex Wrap

This plus size waist trainer wrap band is the perfect garment that helps to burn fat and calories easily
whether you are exercising, sitting at home, at work or out and about. Made with a combination of latex and polyester material, this waistband features three level of hook and eye clasp for tightness adjustment. It gives the waist a snatched look instantly to define the midsection, back and underarms. It also has flex boning for back support.

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