As an eternally classic color, black is a state of mind, a feeling and black party dress. Combined with the power and naturalness of a dress, black takes on countless fascinating personalities. Young and timeless, black dresses are suitable for every season and every season. Sisters or cousins, black dresses give the wearer a unique charm that is impossible with any other piece of clothing. And easily goes into the area of self-expression.

Black is in

among the endless variety of colors and combinations that fashion retailers offer, black is an increasingly popular choice. In a retail technology company, shortened found that around 39.5% was contained in a shade of black, making it by far the most universal color available. Only about 12.7% of the dresses were the second trendiest shade, white.
How to wear a black dress often depends on the most important attitudes when designing such an iconic piece of clothing:
• Wear it day and night with verve! A black dress, be it a t-shirt or a dress, is a statement.
• A black dress is a paradox that masquerades as the centerpiece of your outfit and commands you to be the center of attention; and yet it goes wonderfully with whatever style you style it with. The possibilities here are endless.
• Black is a smart color, Paired with a dress, it is also absolutely feminine.
• Wearing a black dress is part of the culture, not just getting dressed.
• A black dress is always the simplest and most comprehensive option. It looks good on everyone, regardless of size, skin tone, undertone, hair color, etc.

Minimalist design: versatile, elegant, avant-garde

Elegant, neat, arranged and undoubtedly elegant back, an elegant black dress is the holy grail of every minimalist. A minimalist style is low-key, clean and unpretentious, and offers the user an authentic simplicity. Read on if you’re wondering what the minimalist way to wear with a black dress is:

Keep it elegant and sensual with a luscious black dress with spaghetti straps. Pair it with a low bun, neutral lip, and a pair of hoops for a light-hearted and grammatical look. Buckle up, wear a t-shirt underneath, or just slip on a shrug to give it a layered, slightly dirtier look. Convenient and easy, all this look takes is a low hairstyle or a relaxed hairstyle and a no-makeup look.

Normcore daydream: light, sporty, comfortable.

A Norm core style is the simplest, easiest, and most identifiable of all! “Normcore” is a fashion subculture that defines itself through simple, easy-to-wear, and “normal” looking clothes that determine everyday life, Casual wear that many of us find maximum comfort in for example, sneakers, black T-shirt dresses, and jackets that are casually tied at the waist. Voila! You will have an elegant black dress inspired by the norm in minutes.
Combine this with a blue denim jacket for a stylish color block effect. The combination of black denim and black dress will also look super chic and urban chic.

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