Getting involved in physical activities regularly is essential for our health. What women often forget is that their regular bra fails to provide the support that their breasts require during such rigorous activities. Whether you are walking down the park, jogging, or involved in weight training, your breasts move.

Your breasts can bounce while running and can move a whopping 15 cm in any direction. So, while the breast moves without any support, it can cause temporary pain in the breast tissue. Your breasts might feel sore and this can also cause permanent sagging or damage to the breast tissue.

This is because your breasts are a non-muscular tissue and are supported by Cooper’s ligaments. During physical activities, these ligaments can break if proper support is not provided to them. This damage is permanent as the ligaments do not come back to their original position once damaged. This is why buying a good-fitted sports bra is so important when you begin to go out for your regular morning walk or jog.

Buying bras that have been well-designed to cater to our every need is easier than ever with professional fitters available on online websites like De Bra’s that provides amazing designs and styles of sports and exercise bras. This Australian-based company mainly features bras that are required by women for their special needs such as during breastfeeding, or those to be used during sports activities, and even the ones that a woman should wear post-mastectomy. If you are searching for, “bras Australia”, De Bra’s is a site that you must check out.

Benefits of wearing an exercise bra

  1. It helps in maintaining the breast shape:
  • Premature sagging is very common and can be irreversible at times.
  • A sports bra prevents that from happening in the first place.
  • If you have heavy breast tissue, it is a good idea to buy a full-figure bra.
  • Apart from the breasts, a sports bra also provides back support and helps in improving your posture.
  1. It reduces any breast discomfort:
  • A good supportive bra prevents jiggling of the breast tissue during activities.
  • The wider straps ensure that breast tissue is properly distributed during exercise and pressure is not built on any particular area.
  • With good support, these bras also reduce the tension in the neck and shoulder regions.
  1. It absorbs sweat:
  • Sports bras are generally made from breathable fabrics with higher sweat control properties because we tend to sweat more when we running or doing all sorts of physical activities.
  • Thus, these bras will keep you dry for longer.
  1. It is fashionable:
  • Sports bra covers the breast tissue completely and provides a no-show coverage during all forms of movement.
  • This can make you feel more confident while exercising.
  • Also, a sports bra is worn by many as crop tops and is a fashion style nowadays.

You can choose a sports bra based on the amount of compression and encapsulation it provides. The bra straps are also important. Racer-back straps are functionally more supportive than other straps that are much narrower.

It does not matter if you are a small size or large cup size woman. We all need sports bras irrespective of size to prevent our breast tissue and ligaments from getting damaged permanently. Dealing with sagging breasts is another story and no one wants that. So, go buy a sports bra for yourself today.

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