Soon after giving birth, I began to notice marked thinning of my hair. I have never fully considered why this was such a big deal for men until this point in my life. I suddenly had new-found sympathy, daily watching strands of hair depositing themselves on the floor. It made me think about my husband and his receding hairline. This began my introspective study as well as my outward research of what he could do to improve existing hair appearance if he wanted to.

Hormones and Diet – for Females and Males

We sponsor children worldwide as part of our faith. That is not said here for self-aggrandizement. Rather it is intended to share how I came about a second way of considering impacts on hair loss. One little boy in Kenya we sponsor was noted as having severe malnutrition. Without medical testing available, that assessment of malnourishment had to be manifest in his physicality. His photo showed it, hair included. I further considered how people such as supermodels, sadly, reflect their malnutrition even in their hair in severe cases of eating disorders and in advanced stages of their condition.

With my postpartum hair loss, an imbalance in hormones created my predicament and was fortunately–“fortunately” because of insecurity and stigma–not permanent. With my husband, was more at play than just a resigned affirmation, “Heredity!”? Could diet be impacting the loss for him, as well, even though he is a well-nourished man from lifelong good diet and a moderately healthy lifestyle? A study in the NIH’s medical journal abstracts expounds on the role of dietary factors. It does touch on studies supporting a link to diet and hair loss, mentioning protein and iron.

While the Mayo Clinic’s section on Hair Loss does not list diet, specifically, on their site, they do touch on what we were seeking: possible treatment options. Since our hair loss is so minimal, the section about styling options resonated in particular with us. “You may want to try shaving, other styling techniques…Talk with a hair stylist for ideas. These non-medical solutions can be used to cover…permanent hair loss.”

Thick and Voluminous

Thicken Hair & Add Hair Volume for Men: simpler than it seems? Besides seeking medical evaluations and treatments, my research found one can also create the illusion of hair thickness and presence: simply – utilize- hair cream. “Hair cream?” Yes. Science has advanced to create product that is strengthening and enriching for both scalps and hair, preventing further hair loss and maintaining what one has. Even more encouraging is how it can make your existing hair look.

Perhaps it is the nature of the dispensing for mousse and gel that cannot allow its components to have the same success as hair cream. Ideal hair cream has vitamins, minerals, water and other hydrating agents, with the right formulation to create lift and control. While our self-imposed research is still ongoing, it is reassuring to know that a balding person can be empowered so much, all at the edge of one’s fingertips.

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