We all dream about the perfect prom dresses. Some woman loves the elegant and simple dress, with that glamorous touch of bright and very sophisticated. Some others prefer haute couture dress, with layers that are the trend, with exuberant materials of amazing rhinestones that every woman love. But no matter your preferences, everyone wants to be the queen of the party. To be the best dressed one, we recommend the latest in fashion Jovani prom dresses collection.

We are going to show you a great variety of trends and designs that we have on the prom dresses with beautiful and quite striking colors like yellow, that is very fashionable for this type of gala parties, and it will make you look radiant.

1st Tip:

The yellow color will make you look elegant and radiant, which is what we all want to achieve when we go to a gala party. This color will make you stand out from the crowd of the gala party. But you always have to take into account how you will match the dress with accessories since an excess of them will make you lose all the elegance and glamour that this color gives you. What you want is to look super comfortable, modern and elegant all night.

For this season beautiful models are coming out. Some that we can wear in a great variety of events and ceremonies. You just have to choose the one that you like most and one that fits you perfectly. Remember that yellow is the most used color in spring and summer, that’s why everything makes us think that it will be the most outstanding color to use for prom dresses.

2nd Tip:

After seeing what famous people are wearing, we can say that the silhouette of the 50 is returning in its heyday and the artists Hailee Steinfeld and Jennifer Lawrence have not hesitated to be the first to use them and be the center of attention.

These pretty dresses mostly have the characteristic of being strapless, a skirt with an adequate volume that ends at the height of the ankles. You can choose between those with rhinestones until the embroidery and if you want you can wear the whole style and to look like a Hollywood Star you can complement it with some satin gloves.

3rd Tip:

The neckline will always be our favorite weapon since it makes us look sexy, elegant and daring. All at the same time without needing great details on the dress.

Keep in mind that the secret of wearing it and look like a queen is to keep everything in place to avoid accidents that make us ruin the night.

One of its main characteristics is that girls with regular or small breasts can use it, but if you have a very pronounced one it is better to avoid it.

4th Tip:

Dresses with open leg are marking a unique trend this season, so we recommend you to try a prom dress of this style as it is an infallible weapon that will allow you catch everyone’s attention.

Keep in mind that it is not good to exaggerate with this type of dress with respect to the opening. Try to reach the middle leg so that you can look much more elegant since with an opening up to the hip you could risk showing more than you should.

5th Tip:

Noir transparencies have become the favorite of many women. Because wearing a dress with sheer applications in our strategic points will make us look sensual and elegant at all times. You can carry these transparencies in the torso, in the legs or only in the sleeves without losing the unique style that we all have. Do not be afraid to try this super trend that many are already using to look more elegant than any of the guests and be the center of the gala party.

The only thing you need for this trend is a lot of personality and self-confidence when wearing it.

Remember that once you find the dress that you wanted so much for your gala party, you can go for some accessories that give a unique touch to your garment without making your dress lose the prominence you want to give it.

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