There is hardly any fabric I love more for Spring and Summer than lace! Lace is such a gorgeous feminine fabric and it comes in so many different colors and patterns. When shopping online or in stores, I always find myself gravitating toward pieces that have lace trim or lace insets. Lace gives anything a little girly touch! The fabric has been used for centuries and used to be handmade, so years ago, only the very wealthy could afford lace trim or pieces of lace.

Luckily for us, it is now all over the place and you certainly don’t have to break the bank to find cute lace pieces. In fact, it seems like 2018 has been the Summer of Lace so far- I’ve been seeing it in stores and online.

I recently purchased a few dresses online and without even meaning to, every piece I selected had lace on it! When I saw the coincidence I realized I needed to do a blog post all about my cute lace finds.

This beige lace dress is perfect to wear to a summer concert or festival. I loved that it had a little bit of an earthy boho hippie vibe and wasn’t too girly. I’m planning on wearing it with gladiator sandals out and about and then possibly wearing it to a country concert with cowboy boots. The lace trim on this dress is a crochet lace, so it’s a little different than your typical girly lace.

This dress is made entirely of lace in a soft pale pink color. This dress is the epitome of girly girl style! I felt soft and feminine when I tried this dress on, and I liked that it had a longer midi hemline, which is perfect for girls who are a little bit taller like myself. I’m planning on wearing it to my cousin’s wedding in August because I want to look pretty and feminine but also conservative and respectful of the bride. Plus, pale pink is the perfect romantic wedding color to add to the wedding festivities!

Ladies, I cannot even describe to you how gorgeous this dress is in person! Pictures do it no justice. The floor length maxi cut of this dress is bold and dramatic and the color is to die for! I plan on packing this beauty on our next trip to Hawaii. Our family always does tons of dinners out and I like to dress up a little bit but still maintain that casual laid-back vacation style. I really think I nailed it with this look. I’m going to pair it with a pair of beaded sandals and an oversize bag. The mint color just reminds me of the ocean and I can’t wait to wear it!

So that is what I’ve been up to shopping lately- as you can see I’ve found a lot of cute things- and did I mention it was all 50% off! You should check out this store if you want cute girly dresses on a budget. What do you think about lace? Which dress is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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