Shopping for clothes is something we all do. Some of us do it more frequently than others, but few can truly avoid doing it at all. That brings up an interesting question about how people make their clothing choices. Streetwear is pretty popular, so let’s talk about that. How do you choose yours?

Below are some fictional profiles of streetwear shoppers. They all have their own preferences when it comes time to shop. Do you fit one of them? Or maybe you are a combination of all of them?

1. Brian Brandman

Our first profile is that of Brian Brandman. He is all about recognizable brands like Reebok, Nike, etc. Ask him what motivates his streetwear purchases, and he is likely to say, “It’s all about the brand, baby!” He will not buy anything that doesn’t have a recognizable label affixed to it. And even some brands, despite being recognizable, just aren’t upscale enough for him.

2. Beatrice Budget

Next to Brian is Beatrice Budget, a vivacious and outspoken woman who is as committed to her budget as she is her opinions. She decides how much she is going to spend before she starts shopping. No matter what, she isn’t going to exceed that amount. The results of her budgetary commitment can play out in one of two ways.

If she only needs a few articles of clothing, she can afford to spend a little more on her favorite brands. But if she is looking to replace most of her wardrobe, she has to keep things on the cheap. She must get as many pieces as she can for the amount she has to spend.

3. Carlos Culture

Carlos Culture makes his clothing choices based on a desire to remain authentic to the culture he identifies with. Being a Latino, he buys a lot of his clothing from New York-based Plurawl. That is where he gets all his Latino and Latina t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. He even buys his artwork from Plurawl.

Carlos has a number of friends who identify with other cultural groups. Their clothing choices clearly identify those cultures. Getting them all together amounts to quite an expression of diversity.

4. Isabella Imitation

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. That’s not just a cute phrase to our next shopper, Isabella Imitation, it is a way of life. Isabella is the kind of person who loves supermodels and the celebrities. Whatever her favorite stars happen to be into at any given time is exactly what she buys for herself. She frequently runs into problems because her idols are so fickle.

5. Paul Pragmatic

Isabella’s nemesis is Paul Pragmatic. Paul sees clothing as purely functional. If it does what it’s supposed to do – cover him and keep him warm – then he’s happy. He doesn’t care what it looks like, how well it fits, or where it came from. Paul is as happy with second-hand clothing as he is shopping brand new.

6. Susie Spontaneous

Our last profile is that of Susie Spontaneous. Susie is a friendly girl who never seems to get down about anything. Spontaneity rules her life. When she goes shopping, she buys whatever strikes her fancy. If it makes her smile, it is going home with her.

In all seriousness, people shop for streetwear based on whatever is most important to them. There is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as the goal is achieved and you don’t put yourself in the poor house, what you end up with is your business.

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