We’re talking about Freddy WR.UP ® Jeans. Do you know them? You can find them in super skinny, skinny, straight and flair version. They are very elastic and they are a super comfortable: an ideal look for sure. In addition to being super stylish, they give you a sensational fit look, thanks to the sewing strategically positioned on the back and the WR.UP®  technology, all Made in Italy.  

We all know that a push-up bra or bikini is one that thanks to its padding serves to visually increase and elevate the bust. However, what does this term mean when applied to pants?


To explain it to you, we are going to introduce you to the push up pants by Freddy, a key player in the industry that after years and years of research has developed the WR.UP ® technology that allows those who wear these pants to obtain a pleasing optical result in terms of the b-side. Freddy, in fact, has positioned strategic sewing on the b side that makes the back clearly more lifted and toned, almost as if it was after finishing 5 series of 100 squats each! Joking aside, WR.UP technology is based on the combination of three effects, smoothing effect, lifting effect and shaping effect.  Freddy is 100% Made in Italy and in order to avoid any fake product and obtain the maximum result, we suggest you to always buy on Freddy’s official website.


The infallible tricks that you can do in order to have an impeccable look is to combine them with tops that are eye-catching. This is because when it comes to basic cut pants is important to give a little color in some aspect of the look.

Since Freddy push up pants give the B-side a smoother, naturally rounded appearance, they are suitable for almost every occasion, you can wear them on the same occasions as classic jeans.

The classic heels known as stilettos always fit well with this type of pants, as well as high cane boots or short boots, the positive points of these pants is that you can usually combine them perfectly with all types of footwear. However, it is preferable to choose one or the other with respect to the occasion, for a more informal look for instance, it can be combined with a pair of slippers or, if you want to get a more working girl outfit, with some classic black stilettos. Impeccable! In addition, after the fashionable breaking of denim, the push up style has also found its place in this type of trend.

With this type of textile pieces, it is necessary to bear in mind that grace and style reside in boasting kilometric legs under the optical effect offered by these trousers. For this reason, it is important that with the look you choose do not opt for very wide sweatshirts because in this way could be affected the optical effect, in addition to taking into account that using a belt further favors the figure you want to achieve. There is no doubt that push up pants have become established in fashion trends as a must in every rule. Further away from only being found in underwear or swimwear, the push up effect aims to conquer more and more ground, will we see it in men’s clothing?

Wear the pants you wear, remember that the best thing to have a butt in place and a perfect body is that you do a little exercise and eat in a healthy way.

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