Jewellery adds spark to your look and makes you look more elegant and trendy. Jewellery is not just an ornament, but a fashion state meant as well. Women, especially, are fascinated by jewellery. It enhances the aesthetics of a person. In older times jewellery was seen as an investment and an indicator of wealth. Though buying jewellery burns a hole in the pocket but many see jewellery as a status symbol. Gold and Diamond are now being replaced by other metals and stones. New antique designs and diverse styles of fashion jewellery are seen in the market. The different type of jewellery pieces in the market are:

  • Earrings
  • Cufflink
  • Studs
  • Nose pins
  • Tie pins
  • Necklaces
  • Choker etc.


Lots of brands have been emerging into the fashion industry, especially Jewellery. Hence, fashion and designer jewellery are in trend all across the globe. Outfits are mainstream and won’t boost up the look until and unless it is styled with a suitable accessory. That is the reason why girls wear diverse accessorizes with their outfits.  They love buying new trendy jewellery with every outfit and experiment with the style. With the advent of increased production and marketing of artificial jewellery, the choice in style and design of jewellery articles has immensely increased. We have seen different kinds of jewellery, which includes:

  • Artificial Jewellery
  • Handmade Jewellery
  • Floral Jewellery
  • Pearl Jewellery
  • Ruby Jewellery
  • Kundan Jewellery
  • Paper Jewellery


All the above-mentioned jewellery are available in most of the stores. These are the latest Jewellery trends which everyone is getting hooked with. We see people wearing modern, traditional as well as fusion styles. This is generally a mix and match trend, ladies love matching the traditional with the modern, the older with western. You witness different shapes, sizes, and types of jewellery around. Artificial jewellery is made out of less precious metals and is on par with gold and diamond, as they carry the same look and cost considerably less.

Luxury brands launch their own accessory lines and make customized jewellery. They have wide markets across the globe and with their unique and funky designs, they woo their customers. Lately, antique and traditional jewellery designs have been in trend. The generation old designs from Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, etc. have gained importance and highly liked by the girls. You even see girls wearing traditional jewellery like jhumkis with jeans or other western dresses. The old designs are coming back into trend and can be seen being flaunted by ladies at parties and weddings.


Jewellery is something that is not just occasionally worn but adorned in daily life as well. Most of the girls love keeping the collection of every kind of jewellery. They prefer to match all the types of jewellery, such as appropriate earrings, bracelets, etc. with what goes best with their outfits. A major trend gaining significance in the present day is wearing anklets. The sleek thin anklet worn on one foot is the latest and most liked trendy.

The chokers made of ribbons; threads, etc., are also seen in the market. There is a diversity of choices around and you see everyone wearing something new and different. For those who haven’t gotten their ears or nose pierced there are magnetic earrings and nose pins. If you look around, you will find people wearing cocktail rings, statement rings and also couple rings. Jewelry is also a good giftable item and can be bought in different price ranges suiting your budget.


The big day of life, the wedding is incomplete and dull without the perfect set of jewellery that compliments your dress amazingly. We work on making your big day a success by helping you customize and personalize jewellery according to your requirements and taste. As we look at how the trend of wedding planners, destination weddings, and Bollywood style weddings have come up, there is also an increase in the unique style of jewellery coming up. There is jewellery made of ribbons, flowers, paper, sea shells, etc. For each function, you need a different and attractive set of jewellery. The necklace, earrings, tikka, etc., are all in tandem with the dress. Girls choose jewellery that compliments the dress the best.


The jewellery market has become very competitive. You see so many local, national and international brands opening outlets in your city. They provide you with a wide variety of articles at different price ranges. You can choose the jewellery suiting your outfit very easily because the options are unlimited. There are places which are specialized in a particular kind of jewellery like silver, diamond, platinum, gold, etc. Some brands have a unique signature style which has become a fashion statement among the people. With growing digital marketing, jewellery dealers and makers have started expanding their business online via various online retailers or shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, eBay, etc.

Many stores have their own independent operating sites as well. It can be noticed that many retailers, manufacturers, and designers advertise and sell their items through social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Whatsapp. Another way of advertising is through the influencers who help in sales by promoting different brands and companies through their accounts and charge a fee in return. This is called affiliate marketing. The market is easily growing because of the youth style icons and they are the ones who are highly desirable. Jewellery can now easily be bought and sold online. Some sites provide you with the facility to try and buy, i.e. you can select the item you like and opt to try it on before finally buying it. The items you select will be delivered to your doorstep and you can easily select the one which best suits you.

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