Are you a new mom who is looking forward to dress up your little bundle of joy in the latest fashionable baby gear? If answered yes, we totally understand your wish as there are several new moms who want their baby to look comfortable and trendy at the same time. Within the last few years, there has been a major overhaul in the baby care and baby garments industry all over the world. Suddenly we see babies and toddlers dressing better than adults and this has become a growing trend. This is instigating more and more moms to get the best dresses for their babies and toddlers so that they can look stylish. Read on to know more on newborn fashion trends.

Factors parents should consider before buying newborn clothes

  • Size: You baby will be growing very fast and hence size is one of the most important factors that parents should check before buying fashionable clothes.
  • Fabric: Comfort should be on your mind and whatever material you buy for your baby, it should make him comfortable.
  • Buying habit: With the abundance of choices available in different stores these days, parents tend to shop from different stores to get the best things.

Fashion trends for babies in 2019

  • Shirts and skirts with animal prints

Different types of animal prints on clothes are one of the most famous summer style for children and babies. Whether monkey-head caps or cat-head caps or lion manes, they can be interesting and fun for the toddler’s closet. The colors that you get are mostly tough and soft and these are usually available with elastic in them so that they can be worn even when they grow up.

  • Dresses and skirts with floral prints

With the coming of the new season, this will also increase the time the kids spend outdoor as they will love to enjoy the beauty of nature, the sea and countryside. Girls can get skirts and dresses with floral prints and cheerful colors. The few common yet attractive colours are emerald green, blue, fuchsia and yellow colors. Natural colors with flowers in the background will become too popular in 2019.

  • Metallics

When it is summer, one of the best parts is that you can wear any color, irrespective of the occasion. During winter, more brown, red, black and green colors are preferred. However, during summer, the acid tones can offer a vibrant and happy feel when worn by children.

  • Accessories

As long as accessories are concerned, there are endless options. You may dress up your toddler with a cap which has got lemons printed on it. Depending on their taste, choose the best sneakers and sandals which are not only comfortable but also trendy at the same time.

So now that you know the trendiest trends for your baby or toddler for 2019, what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest baby clothing store and get the best things for your baby.

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