Headgear takes many forms. People can wear hats, hoods, flowers, crowns and all kinds of things on top of their heads. In recent decades one type of headgear that has captured the public’s imagination is known as a fascinator.

Fascinators are frequently seen in England for formal events such as a wedding or royal ascot. Such images have been widely broadcast. Many women love the idea of wearing something equally creative yet also fashionable and fun.

While fascinators are a great way to make a highly fashion statement, many women have no idea exactly how to wear them.

Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways to use the fascinator and keep it in place for a tidy overall look. Each woman should keep in mind how to use it to show off her best features.

Attaching It To The Head

While fascinators can vary in style, in general they have at least one piece that is intended to be fashioned to the head directly. Some facinators have a headband for this purpose. The headband may consist of an elastic strap.

Most women want to position the fascinator so that it covers one side of their face. An elastic strap can be used to position the facinator and attach to your head at the same time. The strap should fit snugly around the nape of your neck. It can also be held in place behind your ears.

You will not want to put it under your chin as that makes it look more like a hat and may ruin the carefree yet elegant style that is such an integral part of this look.


Using Accessories

The fascinator can be paired with many types of accessories. A beautiful comb can not only be used to help keep your fascinator hat in place but also serve as lovely hair accessory. Combs may also come with the fascinator and discretely tucked underneath it.

Plain or more elaborate hatpins and bobby pins can also be used to add additional structure and interest. Some fascinators have a veil attachment that pairs with the fascinator for even more color and style.


Styling Your Hair

Many women wonder how to style their hair when wearing a fascintor. The key is to think about your overall look. The fascinator should be in proportion.

If you’re going for a bold look with lots of bright color, you want a fascinator that’s just as bold as your clothing and hair. If you’re aiming for something a little more low key, keep the fascinator in the same style. Your hair should ideally be in a basic style to help show off the fascinator.

A simple chignon with the rest of the hair pulled back sleekly is a traditional look that still works with contemporary fascinator styles. Younger women can opt for a ponytail or even pigtails that offer a sense of true playfulness.

The goal when wearing one is to stay elegant but bring your own flair to the look at the same time. Hairspray can be used to keep the entire look in place during the course of a long party.

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