The run-up to a wedding can be an exciting time, but it is easy to get distracted by anxiety over what to wear. As a guest, you want to look smart, but not too smart. You want to look like you took care dressing, but not in a flashy way that might upstage the bride.

Codes and Times

The wedding invitation may indicate the tone of the wedding by saying it is a formal occasion or a barbecue, and this information can indicate the types of wedding guest dresses that would be appropriate. The time of day is also important. A morning wedding would signal a different approach to attire than an evening one. Daytime weddings are usually lighter on formalities, while an evening wedding can go from ceremony to sit-down dinner.

Another aspect that guests often worry about is the wedding gift and how much should be spent on it. For more information on that issue, see this report from The Guardian.

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Comfort and Climate

It is important to look good but also to be comfortable. If the wedding is in winter at a ski resort, then you want to ensure your dress will suit this kind of atmosphere. Similarly, a summer wedding in a garden or even on a farm dictates more relaxed dressing, and probably shoes that will be able to navigate a range of terrain.

A little black dress can always look elegant, but it might be too much for a very relaxed informal wedding. It is generally best to avoid wearing white, which might compete with the bride. Picking wedding guest dresses is always easier when you have a large range to choose from. If you want to see a selection that combine terrific style and great value, then you should take a look at AX Paris wedding guest dresses, where you will find a chic array of elegant gowns.

If the bride and groom ask you to dress a certain way, then you should do so. Otherwise, what you wear is a highly individual decision, and as long as you look like you have taken care with your outfit, then the happy couple should be pleased you made the effort, and most of all be happy that you were there to share this special day.

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