Shirts are not just for women who work; they are also for women who like to clothe formally. If you are someone who nurtures a strange love for shirts, then you probably are always on the lookout for amazing tips on how to style shirts. Well, this article helps all those women.

Whether you buy women shirts online or offline, and no matter what variety of shirt it is that you want to buy, if you are going to follow the tips below, you will be able to make your shirt kick your formal or semi-formal look up a notch. Check out-

  • Pair your shirts with chinos – Trousers and denims have become boring for a lot of women. If you are one among them, then you have probably swapped your pants for skirts and dresses. Well, you won’t have to do that. Chinos are a refreshing alternative to routine trousers. And they can up your style considerably. You can look amazing by teaming your shirt with a pair of chinos.

The best thing about chinos is that they are available in many different colours- starting from coral and pink to green and blue. You can choose any colour that you think suits you. And because chinos are made from comfortable fabrics, they are perfect for the summer season. So, whether you team your chinos with a plain shirt or a printed one, you can look like a million bucks.

  • Denims – The shirt and denim look haven’t really aged over the years. A shirt teamed up with a pair of denims look as gorgeous today as it did many years ago. And therefore, fashion experts call this combo timeless. If you too want to look timeless wearing a shirt, don’t forget to team it up with a pair of denims. And no, you won’t have to be extremely choosy about the shirt. It can be any colour, pattern or cut you like. But yes, you need to be careful about selecting the jeans. Go for basic blue denims for a flawless look. If you want to go a little experimental, you can always try out other colours like black, white or grey.
  • Have you tried wearing a shirt with a midi skirt? If you haven’t yet, you should try this out right away. There is perhaps anything more gorgeous than the look that a midi skirt paired with a shirt, creates. Try to bring in some contrast into the ensemble. For instance, if you are wearing a checkered shirt, make sure the skirt you wear is plain. And if the skirt you are wearing has floral patterns, go for a top in some plain solid colour.

But make sure you put on the right bra to make this outfit stand out. If you are thinking of doing ladies bra online shopping, then sure do so. Just see to it that you make a pick that will go with the kind of shirt you are intending to wear, especially if its fabric is a little see-through.

With these amazing outfit ideas with shirts, you can sure put your collection of shirts into some great use.


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