There are different reasons why people give gifts. It is the thought that counts, but it is vital to choose a gift that appeals to the other person. Gifting is a sign of valuing another person and showing appreciation to loved ones.

What To Give and What Not To Give

The perfect gift is the one that fits into a person’s lifestyle. Studies show that people value the gift that they can use in their life. Things like a stylish umbrella come in handy during the rainy season or Birthstone jewelry that can go with all kinds of fashion.

Gifts for gags are not ideal gifts because they will make sense for a single day. It is vital to avoid giftcards and go for originality. Gift cards show that you did not put thought into the gift, and you went for the easy way out.

Basic Rules to finding the Perfect Gift

With the right approach, gifting can be the best thing to happen. Let us look at three basic rules to consider;

  • High-Quality Gifts; choose gifts made of high-quality material that offers durability. Quality does not mean expensive. It is about showing how much you value the other person.
  • An element of Surprise; the beauty of gifts is not knowing what you will receive. When you plan early, it will enhance the element of surprise. Avoid giving hints or revealing the gift beforehand. It spoils the mood.
  • Functionality; give someone a gift that they can use in their daily lives. There is no value in a gift that a person uses for one time. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes to find out the perfect gift to get him/her.

Steps to the Gifting Process


Gifts differ depending on your relationship with the person that you want to gift, your feelings towards them, and what you want to speak through using the gift. What you can give a spouse is different from what you would gift friends or colleagues.

Brainstorm on a list of items that would speak what you want. Use what you know about the person to see the type of gift to give. Tastes and preferences are the best way to judge what a person would value most.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Gifting

When loved ones hint at a specific item as the ideal gift, do not hesitate and give it to them. Do not try to overthink things as you will probably buy the wrong thing. Making charitable donations using another person’s name is not a good gift. The person most likely prefers something that they can use.

Be Confident

Do not be afraid to express yourself when looking to find the perfect gift. You cannot go wrong if you follow the three rules explained earlier in this read. Do not be afraid of giving the same gift to multiple people. If the item will appeal and be beneficial to all of them, then give them the same thing.


It is vital to save up money to buy the perfect gift for someone that you value. Ensure that you plan early to avoid the last-minute rush.



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