Talk to anyone about the importance of a good boot and you’ll see how crucial this footwear is. Everyone from construction workers to fashionistas understands that a good boot will make or break your day!

Let’s not kid around, there are plenty of boots on the market. Any type of color, shape, or size you can dream of exists. This is great for those who love footwear but it can definitely get a little intimidating. Then try to incorporate boots with the jeans you own – ah!

To cut down on the stress, let’s explore one of the most versatile types of boots: the hiking boot. If you’re looking for some ways to wear your boots with jeans, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s elevate your style by exploring five ways of wearing hiking boots with jeans.

Cut of the Jeans

The first thing you need to think about here is the type of jeans you’re wearing. There are so many types of jeans, each will give you a completely different look.

If you’re going for a 70’s look, wear some vintage hiking boots with some bell-bottom jeans. You may be wondering if it’s comfortable to hike with bell-bottoms but that’s the great part about hiking boots, they’re not exclusive to hiking.

Maybe you’re going for the cool girl next door look, throw on a pair of baggy straight leg jeans and some rugged black hiking boots. Cool and simple.

What About Skinny Jeans?

The classic jeans that everyone knows, owns, and loves. Skinny jeans. If there’s one pair of jeans to invest in, it’s these.

Not only do they go well with, well, pretty much everything but they’re also perfect for boots! If you’re looking for a jeans and boots outfit that is classic but timeless, find a pair of black boots and dark wash skinny jeans.

Too boring for you? That’s fair, you like to play it up. Try incorporating some fun laces to your classic hiking boots, throw on a funky belt, the accessories will add an extra layer of uniqueness to any outfit.

Colors of the Denim Rainbow

Next, you have to think about the color of the jeans. Maybe you’re considering black jeans and black boots? Dark denim with white boots? The color of the jeans is more important than you think.

Light wash goes well with everything and is great for any season but they’re particularly fashionable during summer. Dark wash jeans have a ‘cool’ appearance and paired with other dark clothes, add a nice slimming effect. Either of these colors will go well with pretty much any color boot.

What’s the Occasion?

Are you actually hiking? Is it an art gallery opening? Maybe a housewarming party?

Despite hiking boots being under an athletic term, there’s variety within them. You have the more casual hiking boots and then the slightly fancier. That may sound crazy but it’s true!

Be sure to pick the right boot for the right occasion.

Type of Boots

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of boots to choose from. Surely you’re excited about planning all future outfits. So where do you start with boots?

Check out all these shoes, with all the different selections available, you’ll find your dream pair in no time.

Boots with the Jeans

There’s something so satisfying about a great outfit. Not just good but great. Matching the right pair of boots with the jeans you’re wearing can be a nuisance but with all these ways to incorporate these two classic staples, you’ll be styling in no time.

Interested in even more fashion goodness? We got you covered, check out our blog for everything fashion and more!

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