A modern woman knows what makes her look attractive – a special and packed purse. When it comes to going out for a date or a special occasion, every woman needs to have a well-packed purse.

So, apart from having another set of silver jewelry in your purse, what else should you pack when stepping out? Here are the five basic items every woman should not forget to include in the purse when on the go.

1. Safety Pins 

It happens when you least expect it. You add some weight, and your button pops right in the middle of the street. A safety pin should come to the rescue in this case, and having some in your purse is such a brilliant idea.

You can use a safety pin to pinch-hit a necklace lap if it breaks suddenly. If you like wearing a lot of jewelry, you should not miss some three safety pins in your purse just in case your accessories misbehave.

2. An Extra Earring

You don’t know when your earrings will let you down when you are probably out and about. There is no shortcut for fixing your earrings when you lose one. You should have another pair in your purse to sort you out when one goes missing. Have a pair of earrings that match your outfit in the purse before you step out.

3. Some Blotting Paper 

Every woman deserves to look perfect when outdoor. To ensure you are always presentable, you should carry some blotting papers with you. You can always use these papers to wipe away excess sweat, shine, and oil on your lips, eyebrow, and cheeks.

Blotting papers can save you a visit to the washroom when all you need is to remove the little sweat on your cheek that’s spoiling your look.

4. Filling Snack 

Unless you are on a weight loss program, you will be hungry, and you need some small healthy snacks to keep you going. A healthy snack can come in the form of an energy biscuit or some chocolates. When you are working through lunch in the office, you can pull out the filling snack and have a bite before you embark on your work.

5. A Hand Sanitizer 

Your hands are always in contact with almost everything you come across. Before you go home, you will probably meet friends on the road and offer a handshake. When you are out shopping, you will hold a shopping cart that other people have held before.

You want to ensure your hands are always clean and disinfected before you put them close to your nose or mouth. A hand sanitizer is a must-have in your purse if you want to have clean hands every time you get out.

Final Thoughts 

Every woman deserves a high-quality and well-packed purse to complement the outfit. Before stepping out of the house, you should not forget to include some safety pins, a pair of earrings, tissues, a portable charger, and a hand sanitizer in your purse. Carrying these items is one way of being organized when in public.

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