Korean females really appreciate and delight in taking care of their skin. They pay close attention to their skin’s changing conditions as a result of variations in weather, tension and hormones, to name a few. They make certain to adjust their routines to address any kind of problems such variants may cause. They recognize that when you adore your skin, it shows.

This is why many Singaporeans are now turning to K-beauty products in order to replicate Korean appearances. In fact, Korean makeup Singapore products have shot up in popularity, overtaking many of the industry’s previous heavyweights.

The Use of Natural Ingredients

One of the reasons that Korean skin care stand out exists high use natural ingredients. And Koreans make use of ingredients that are not commonly made use of by various other nations.

In the Joseon period, the practice of luxuriant makeup was limited by the values of Confucianism. Instead, other objects such as white, blue and white ceramic beauty containers, mirrors, combs, head wear, pendants and hairpins were created.

Customs often tends to circulate from top to bottom. But cosmetics and fashion codes are primarily the contrary. The elite and upper-class females tended to copy the fashion of gisaeng (women artists) throughout the Joseon era.

Natural makeup formulas

Natural Korean makeup can still be created currently for individuals to try at home by crafting your very own face mask. Today, Korean face masks are made from cotton pads that have been soaked and instilled with active and natural skin-rejuvenating ingredients.

With these ingredients, the dampness secures onto your skin to help maintain your skin soft and hydrating the whole day. Many people think the present makeup is distinct from that of the old times. However it’s not that different in terms of ingredients and order, specifically its quest for beauty.

The impact of idols

South Koreans seek to emulate their idols’ flawless faces by means of cosmetic items (or surgical treatment) and attractive celebs are described as wanpan stars– which about translates to “sellouts”– because of their ability to solitarily drive brand name sales (as an example, actress Gianna Jun’s look in the 2014 TELEVISION soap My Love From Another Star was apparently the reason for Saint Laurent’s lip tints selling out across South Korea and China).

Tracing the history of korean aesthetics

The mission for elegance is a pressing component of humanity although its criteria vary with time and customs. In early times, makeup was made use of in rituals for protection against the outside environment

People utilized all-natural dyes to draw images on their bodies to visualize divine beings and eliminate bad luck. Since then, interplay among cultures has spurred the exchange of make-up products, methods and cosmetics production technology, producing a selection of cosmetics cultures and products worldwide.

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