Jockstraps have been worn by many men for years now due to the support and protection they offer uring sports. It offers great protection when biking as well. Often it comes with a cup to keep the organ in place.

The jockstrap was an invention of C.F. Bennett of Sharp & Smith in 1874. Sharp & Smith is  Chicago-based sporting goods firm. Originally , they were designed for bike jocks who go around the cobblestone roads of Boston. In 1897, Bennett started the Bike Web Company; he patented the design and had it mass-produced. It was bought in 2017 by Russell Athletic. It continued as a standalone company until 2003 when Russell Athletic bought its trademark.

The design of the jockstrap is simple and effective. It comes with a waistband and pouch that protects the scrotum and the male organ. The pouch has straps at the bottom that go through the legs and then wrap around under the butt cheeks. That is the general design concept of the jockstrap, but nowadays there are so many styles available already. Jockstraps were the main catalyst for the brief to be invented.

Jockstraps were originally intended for sports. It is designed to hold a protective cup. A number of sports today require their athletes to wear protective cups for them to play. Some of these sports that do that are lacrosse, fencing, football, baseball, hockey, and boxing. Some cups are made of plastic while some are made of metal. Cups may also be designed in a different manner when used in other sports. Soccer requires a more flexible cup since the game requires you to be constantly moving and kicking. Baseball on the other hand requires a super hard cup since the ball often travels at high speed.

There are also fashion jockstraps which are fast becoming popular today. Most men use it to enhance their masculinity. This serves as the male counterpart of women’s pushup bra. Jockstraps are also increasingly used for medical purposes nowadays. It is known to aid in conditions such as senior sag, hydrocele, incontinence, prostate cancer, and inguinal hernia.

Men can find many reasons why jockstraps have started to become mainstream and quite popular at that. Over the years, this undergarment developed enhanced ergonomic design and improved quality. Others have started to manufacture cotton and elastic blends that offer a superior level of comfort and fit to the wearer. You could even find denim, mesh, and fur materials used for jockstraps, showing off more personality and character.

Not only are jockstraps good for protecting the male organ during rigid physical activities, they can also help to prevent serious groin problems. There has been forecasts that there will be even greater innovations in this undergarment’s design and construction.

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