Usually, people, especially who struggle with their skin, follow every new skincare craze of the beauty world blindly. Best Korean skincare brands have become the latest obsession of beauty lovers, and it has created so much hype, but is it actually beneficial?

This is a technique of prioritizing your skin over the supplemental tactics that are generally used to hide skin issues and imperfections. This skincare routine is not about hiding the skin issues, but it is a way to help your skin to thrive on its own.

This multilayered routine goes in the following manner typically:

  1. Firstly, use makeup remover and then double cleanse your skin by using an oil-based cleanser to remove the oil-based impurities.
  2. Secondly use water-based cleanse to remove dirt and sweat.
  3. For youthful appearance use an exfoliator that is used to remove dead skin, clean out skin pores, and leaves behind a soft baby skin.
  4. To balance skin pH and to kick-start skin hydration hydrating toner is used. It also restores the natural defence mechanism of the skin.
  5. The essence is used to dealing with issues like hydration, signs of ageing, and pH balance. The essence is a mix of toner and serum that is a lightweight concoction with active ingredients to deal with these issues.
  6. This step includes an individual’s personalized routine that includes serums, face oils, and ampoules. This step is helpful to treat specific skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, acne, and dark marks.
  7. This step is not included in everyday routine. Use a sheet mask or hydrating mask for the nourishment of your skin.
  8. To avoid crows feet, dark circles, and inflammation use eye cream.
  9. It is the time to seal in the moisturizer by using Korean beauty moisturizer.
  10. Adding SPF in your daily beauty regime is the final step. It protects the skin from exposure and harmful UV rays.

Is this routine helpful?

This is the most effective skincare routine to follow, and it’s every single step works well for a healthy, nourished, and glowing skin. This skincare routine has a system that works for all skin types, and there is no doubt in its effectiveness and ability to deal with the issues and take care of your skin.

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