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Ways you can treat Insomnia. Learn all about it.

Do you envy those who can easily get lost in the world of slumber without even trying? No matter how tired you are sleep doesn’t come your way. Or are you tired of laying in bed in the middle of the night watching the clock tick-tock by? Insomnia is a problem that is faced by a majority of the people today. It affects the mood,energy levels and the ability to work during the day. There are serious health issues related to Insomnia.  Today, we will tell you how you can crawl into bed every night and sleep like a baby.

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What do we mean by Insomnia? 

Insomnia can be defined as the problem related to falling asleep or the inability to continue sleeping at night. This causes non-restorative and feeling of uneasiness. Insomnia is basically the quality of sleep, different people have different needs when it comes to sleeping. So, insomnia means how you feel after you wake up and not how easily one can sleep. When a person feels fatigued and drowsy even after eight hours of sleep. He or she is suffering from insomnia.


How can you tell you have Insomnia?

We are here to give you a good news and that is, you can cure Insomnia. To know the cure you have to first recognize the symptoms of Insomnia.

  • Although you are tired, you can’t sleep.
  • You wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Once you are up, you don’t fall back to sleep.
  • The sleep doesn’t refresh you.
  • You are on alcohol or pills to get the help you need to sleep.
  • It doesn’t matter at what time you slept because you wake up really early.
  • Drowsiness, irritability and fatigue during the daytime.
  • You can’t concentrate on your work.

How to take care of your Insomnia problem?

To get the sleep you need keep in mind these few points that we are going to tell you, today.

  • Your bedroom plays an important role when it comes to sound sleep. You have to keep in mind that your bedroom should be comfortable, cool, dark and quiet. A mattress that isn’t comfortable or a pillow that is too soft or hard can mess with your sleep. If there is too much noise, use ear plugs to get the quiet you need while sleeping.


  • You have to set your clock. Make sure your routine remains unchanged. This way your body will automatically feel sleepy when it is the time to sleep. Even if waking up at that particular time of the day causes you uneasiness. This creates a rhythm in your sleeping patterns.


  • No laptops, phones, iPads or anything that emits a light which causes difficulty during sleeping. Read a book as you listen to some jazz before your bedtime. This way nothing will come in between you and your sleep.


  • Don’t indulge in anything that causes stress before you sleep. Avoid the social media, arguments, discussions or anything related to anxiety. Remember it can all wait till the morning.


  • Naps can be helpful but when the time span of those naps exceed half an hour you will be facing trouble sleeping at night. So, keep that in mind.


  • Everyone wakes up at night to tend to the calls of nature. So, restrict the intake of liquids before you sleep. Don’t drink anything for an hour before you sleep. This will help with the problem of waking up at night.


  • Alcohol might help to soothe your nerves. But, it eventually disrupts with your sleeping patterns.


  • Dinner that is heavy and rich can cause acidity. It will give you heartburn and trouble to be at ease during the night. So, move your dinner time towards the evening. This gives your body a lot of time to digest the food.


  • There should be no TV sets in the bedroom.

The key to healthy and peaceful sleep is by allowing your body to be free from all troubles and worries. Try to close your eyes and think about something that calms your nerves and relaxes you.